Sunday, July 18, 2010

State Championship Race Hits Davis!


WVMBA State Championship in Davis!

Who Doesn't Love Race DAY? I do and so does all of the great folks that showed up today for a romp through some of the best groomed trails that Tucker county has to offer.

Highland Prospects' own Jeremy "Big J"Golston was there to respresent HPRO and Joey's Bike Shop. With 1 year under his mountian biking belt he brought home a strong 8th finish picking his way through the pack. Great job Big J, we are all proud of you.

Porter and I were there to shove him off and then to head back to the shop to make sure the rest of the non-mountain bikers were taken care of!
And yes a few non-biker's did come in to pick up some maps and more of the best socks (Darn Tough's) on the planet. And yes, it is hard to believe that not everyone up here is a mountain biker? I know, i struggle to understand that truth?????

Anyway, enough soap box. Stop in and see some of the new things shaking at the shop!



Sunday, June 6, 2010

I ain't scared of no Stinking Rain!!!!

Rain??????........???????..............Little Rain........AHHHHH rides over with no down pour!

SCRAMBLER PACK, Ben's "go to" pack....Go to for the Kitchen Sink and beyond!
and yes for all those eagle eye folks......Yes I am packing a road pump circa 1992!
DSLR Camera, Rain coat, Redvines, Bike tools, pump, map, safety/first aid, all in one light wieght
summit PACK.......I love my Scambler! We have more INSTOCK right now! Ultra Light wieght and bomb proof!

Couldn't find my CO2 adapter.

I took a quick ride out on Middle Point, in Elkins sector (but it could have been British Columbia i swear).



WHile waiting on shop to pick up on Sunday, A liitle DREAMING went down!

Porter and I session this hit with our Finger Snowboard until the scene was dead.

and the little P man was beat!

All is Well Ends Well!

Stop in and see you soon!

Monday, May 10, 2010

The Blog after the Storm....

HI all,

Does anybody read this thing at all? Sorry correction do people still check to see if i am going to post anything since, ohhhhhh ahhhh December?
Wonder what i was up too?hmmmmm???
Whatever........Well here goes another attempt at becoming a blogger!
I hope to post three to four a week. YOu can laugh, it shouldn't be that hard for a stay at home daddy!
So hope you all enjoy!
Here goes something.
Check out the new website!
Ben and P-man