Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cloudviel Fall to Arrive this week!

So last winter we made the move to pick up Cloudveil and we continue to stand by the brand this winter.
This will be the first of 3 ships from them.
We will also being doing special orders for Cloudviel this winter. SO PICK SOMETHING OUT FOR THE ONE YOU LOVE AND SPECIAL ORDER IT IN THE MONTH OF OCTOBER!!!!
If you haven't checked out there website please do.....

There Gear is Bomber! NO other way to say it. Will update new styles this week.

Leaf Peepers this weekend!
I love seeing the town of Davis busting with people. Carnie rides right in town, Can't beat it!
Last year I remember seeing a beautiful pink, purple and blue sunset behind the rides,(wishing for my camera to be with me) and pausing to take it in because it was such a rocking site.
We all know what it looks like with no one in town?????

So it is great to share our cool little mountain with others and to bring the local community out to be together.

Hope to see you all there.......

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


So we brought you a new shop......


We down at Highland Prospects our have a new store front that has a been our little breath of fresh air that we need to get some new things rolling for our customers. With that being said, we have a few things we are going to be ADDING to the shop!
New Website! Courtesy of Lord Vic @ AKA flash, DaMaps, and VisitCanaan
BLog regularly upDated
SNOWBOARDS FOR WINTER...What UP!!!!!-We are so eXcited to add boards to our line up.
New Sales ALWAYS
And YES... We are going there; FACEBOOK
SO look for the blog and Facebook updates on all of these ShOP UPDATES!
We are pulling it together to give the best we can offer. Hope to see you Soon.
THanks for stopping by!