Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Greetings to All in the World Wide Web....Yes, I would appear to the common eye that Ben and I are having real issues with the whole idea of blogging. Questions come to mind. Are we supposed to update daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quaterly, yearly or according to the lunar calander when saturn is alined with venus? What information are our readers truly searching for? Davis gossip? Already covered by...well you know who. Ski conditions? Already covered. So where does Highland Prospects fit into the Tucker County blog realm? Please feel free to leave comments on this matter.

I do bring you a bit of real news today. As your travels bring you to Davis this weekend or anytime and you feel that you're a good buddy of Highland Prospects (which by the way all of our customers are). Ask us about our Good Buddy Discount Program! I will not spill all the beans now, but I can assure the fact that you shall be pleased!

With all of the Sales slashing going on this past weekend one would might think we are DONE with marking down the goods.....WELL WE ARE NOT>>>>>>>

BLACK FRIDAY Sales are still intact for another WEEK$$$$$$$

Stop in and pick up some goods for you and yours!

What up HoMey's! Pirates are on the loose in Laneville.