Sunday, December 13, 2009

Snowboard Appreciation Day!


IT'S all For the KIDS!
Highland Prospects hosted a impromtu Snowboard Appreciation Day with Canaan Valley Resorts 38th year in operation.

Our Hosts were kind enough to leave us one 20ft flat box to play on right down front. HPRO provided the High Ollie Poles, some boards to look at and one sweet board to demo.

While the "bumping" tunes from the DJ played, upwards of 20 riders were hanging out sessioning both features. A Quote from one Youngster was "this has best opening day ever".

This was my second day of the season and it couldn't top the POW opening I was fortunate to experience last Saturday at Snowshoe, but what last weekend didn't have was beautiful sunny weather, good friends, smiles all over the young riders faces, trash talking, and DJ tunes.

With an small Rail Jam that turned into a mere throw down of the young bucs and the old guy (me) went down at 2:00. Couple 50-50's, presses, 270's on to 360 cross and few variations in between where thrown.

The Ollie Poles proved to be a great fun but as the pole went higher the beatings ensued! My last slam of the day was trying to get over 4.5ft mark, rattled me loose for sure.
HPRO would like to thank the crew over at Canaan Valley Resorts; Lisa, Mike, Rick, Kevin, Dale and all others that made this intial event for us a great dry run for the rest of our events this year.
More EVENTS from us this year will be coming so stay tuned!

Hope everyone has a great season ahead filled with POW and whatever mixture you need to fulfill your days' dream. Enjoi ripping!
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