Friday, March 20, 2009

737 William Ave. Suite 3

So yeah, I suppose we have always been a dreamers. With big ideas and ambitions. Others would said these ideas were to cloud like pie in the sky type ideas.But we both knew these ideas were not just dreams they were in fact a reality that we know could exist. A shop were one could actually ask to speak to the owner and then in response hear, "well I'm actually the owner." A shop were it simply would not matter if one were looking to take a walk in their backyard or trek through the back country they would be outfitted appropriately. This a been our mission since day 1.

From the items we select to have within our store, to the advice to purvey we strive to always have our customers best interest in mind. A transaction is never fully completed until a customer comes back into the shop and tells us how much they loved their gear purchased from Highland Prospects. We all have to start somewhere and this is where we started.

Yes, I would say we have learned a thing or million over the last 3 years. But we have never lost sight of how much fun our jobs are and we hope our "fun loving" attitude continues to wear off on everyone who walks through our door.In June we will be moving from our current location next to the post office just a few blocks North to a much larger space. With our expended space we hope to be able to serve our customers even better. Customers, future customers, and everyone in between please remember the move, our business, the lifestyle we love so deeply would not be possible without you. We thank you so much for every purchase, making our business what community is all about. So please do speak up on ideas for the new location, products we do not currently carry, or how we can serve you better.

Day 1 Construction
Dream or reality? Well that's all up to you.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Exciting Highland Prospects news coming to you very soon. This Monday 03.16.09 we will be making a
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Announcement. Stay tuned for our official announcement.

A Perfect West Virginia Trail.